left- over when

 the asset.

2-  PuMa shoesSalvage Value -- Salvage value is the left- over when the asset reaches the end of its useful life. This amount is usually small if any. For instance,  Air Max shoesan equipment may have a scrap value that may be estimated and accounted for as salvage.

3- Metho   Air Force 1 shoes dology -- Methods of depreciation can make a big difference on how expenses are recognizMBT shoesed. The simplest method is the "straight line," where the same amount is depreciated eachshox shoes period, often every month. Other Ugg Boots shoes methods of depreciation are:


  • Declining Balance -- Straight line depreciation rate x 200% or 150%
  • Sum-of-the-Yea Boots shoesrs -- (Cost - Salvage Value) x Fraction where the denominator is the sum

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